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Lauri and Lasse Reitz Foundation

The Reitz Foundation was established in 1971 in accordance with the will of Maria Reitz, the widow of the renowned property developer and art collector Lauri Reitz. It was Maria Reitz’s wish to establish a foundation that would both preserve and develop her husband’s collection of art and antiques. The art museum is located in the Reitz family’s former home on Apollonkatu. The foundation curates as well as expands the collection through investment proceeds. The foundation provides a public service by welcoming visitors free of charge.

The foundation’s board of directors consists of four members, one of whom is appointed by the chairman of the board of the Fine Arts Academy of Finland every three years.

In recent decades, the foundation has procured art to enhance the collection acquired by Lauri Reitz. To do this, it keeps abreast of the offerings of galleries and auction houses in Finland and in the Nordic countries, as well as in the most important art markets worldwide.

The greater part of the foundation’s acquisitions have been made to enhance the Reitz’s antique silver and painting collections. At present, the art collection features over 170 works – more than tripling the size of the initial collection.